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Seamless Time Tracking

You can use TeamLogger in your organization in two modes: Timer Mode and Background Mode.

Timer Mode: In timer mode tracking, your employee simply selects a project and a task and starts the timer using our lightweight desktop timer application. Teamlogger automatically records employee's screen activity by capturing screenshots and logs time spent on each task and project. TeamLogger also monitors the frequency and pattern of the employee's keyboard and mouse activity to show you how actively an employee is interating with his or her computer.

Background Mode: In background mode tracking, your employees do not need to start the timer manually every time they work. In background mode, timer automatically starts in the background (without a window) when the computer starts. It keeps logging time, activitiy level and screenshots without user intervention while running in the background. To enable this feature for your account, please reach out to

As an employer, you can also turn of the screenshot feature and use only task and activity level tracking for your employees. You can even turn and customize tracking features individually for each employee.

Windows    Mac    Linux    Chrome OS

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Real-Time Sync

All performance data and screenshots are uploaded to your powerful online TeamLogger dashboard. You can review their productivity in real time, without standing over them all day.

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Smart Reports

Online performance reports allow you to view a summary of each employee's productivity and each projects activity. Automatically generated time-sheets show you chronological details of all work sessions of an employee or project.

You can also download performance data in CSV format.

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Offline Tracking Mode

We understand that your employees may not always have Internet connectivity. TeamLogger silently keeps tracking time and saving screenshots locally when the Internet connection is down. Once the Internet connection is up again, the data is automatically uploaded to your TeamLogger dashboard.

Employee Idle Detection

If an employee does not interact with the computer for a while, the timer automatically stops. You can enable or disable this feature or adjust the timeout duration for each individual employee.

Custom Branding Options

You get your own private TeamLogger subdomain. You can put your own logo in the online dashboard and on the login screen that appears on [yourcompany]

Client Friendly Dashboard

At your discretion, you can invite clients to view reports or screenshots or both. You can control which user's or project's data is visible to each client. Clients do not count as active employees and all client accounts are absolutely free.


One Service, One Plan

Free 30 Day Trial. No Obligations. Credit Card Not Required For Trial



  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Screenshot Storage
  • Pay for Only Active Employees
  • Subdomain Branding
  • Upto 30 Screenshots per Hour
  • Custom Logo Branding

About Us

At TeamLogger, our mission is to provide affordable solutions that make it easy to manage and monitor remote teams and boost productivity. We are the same team of developers that brought you ScreenMeter which is trusted by over 1000 businesses and more than 7000 users.

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TeamLogger improved our remote teams productivity.

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Ruchit Patel

TeamLogger really makes it easy to analyze employee time utilization.

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Nitin Jain
Digital Upstarts

Weekly screenshots download and analysis is an unbeatable feature!.

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S3 Stores, Inc




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